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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Iran: The Enemy We Want

Former Iranian President Khatami has made a career out of promoting and establishing peaceful relations between Iran and the West. Much of this effort is forgotten when Iran's government is put under scrutiny by secular media.

This underlines the recent assertion by Khatami that the US needs an enemy to justify its march toward world hegemony. ...

According to the Washington Post:

Khatami, speaking at a government conference promoting interfaith dialogue, said the West was largely responsible. Islam was being cast as the "enemy of humanity" by governments reverting to the polarized worldview that divided the planet for 50 years after World War II, he said.

The West "needs an enemy, and this time it is Islam," Khatami said. "And Islamophobia becomes a part of all policies of the great powers, of hegemonic powers.

"We are not very far from the era of the Cold War that inflicted a lot of damage on the world."
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