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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hamas Leader on Religion, Society, Sharia

One of the more bogus stereotypes generated by the so-called war on terror hype is that 1) you can't talk to "extremists," 2) they want to enslave everyone, or 3) they're irrational fanatics. In some ways, the following piece by a leader of Hamas calls many of these preconceptions into question. While you might not agree with him on everything, there's enough "rationality" there to have a meaningful discussion. ...

At bitter-lemons international.ORG, Yehya Mousa--a Hamas legislator from Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip--writes:

As for the political system, there is no specific model to be followed. It depends on the nature of interests at certain stages. The ruler may set up alliances or become involved in international organizations if it serves the public. Islam is far from extremism or radicalism; it is a religion of tolerance and openness. Islam is not fearful of others; the coming together of peoples to communicate and exchange experiences and cultures is a tenet of the religion. Islam works hard to move mankind away from war and to defuse conflicts with dialogue. Always, people are urged to adhere to their innate humanity.

An Islamic state must develop gradually. However, we must strive for agreement between our laws and the way of Islam. One thing made clear by the Palestinian vote for Hamas is a definite desire for change through an Islamic approach. Those who voted for Hamas have complete faith that Islam represents a way out of the crises that surround them.
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