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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Doesn't Civil War Feel Like Freddy Kruger?

The knock comes at the door. masked men enter and either kicj you in the head and tell you how much time you have to leave town or they simply pull you from the house, trundle you into the back of a truck and take you somewhere to blow your head off. That's what many are living with these days in the Land of Oz created by Bush's democratic wet dream. ...

According to The Telgraph:

"It is like a gangster film," said one resident too frightened of reprisals to give his name or even profession.

"Darkness comes and then people with masks set up checkpoints.

"There is a knock on the door and those who answer are either abused or killed.

"Those abused are not expected to wait to be warned twice. I see them pack their car and leave."

Every day brings killings and kidnaps in Baghdad and no one knows the culprits.

The bodies of 18 men - bound, blindfolded and garroted or shot - were found yesterday in west Baghdad.

Later 50 security workers were seized by fake police and taken away. Their company was said to have employed many of Saddam Hussein's security forces.

No one knows exactly how many families have fled their homes across Baghdad in the past fortnight, although only a few streets are as extreme an example as Number 60.
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1 comment:

copy editor said...

I've blogged a great deal on the question/definition of civil war. I invite you to check it out.

It seems that this is a civil war. That is my impression. Jack Murtha was way ahead of the curve on this one. Rumsfeld, just like the insurgency, is way behind.