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Friday, February 24, 2006

Xtian Violence Against Muslims in Nigeria

You wonder how those Xtian apologists who say that Islam is intrinsically violent will mealy-mouth the news that Nigerian Xtians killed Muslims and then burned their bodies to hide the evidence.

There's always the fall-back of "an eye for an eye,"... Oh, I forgot, what about "love your enemy" and "turn the other cheek"? The white extremists will no doubt secretly note that these were, after all, "Africans." ...

According to The Washington Post:

Christian mobs stopped their killing and looting in this Nigerian city Thursday and turned to disposing of the evidence in the crudest of ways. Men burned the remains of their Muslim victims in smoldering bonfires on downtown streets, leaving behind charred legs, skulls and shoulders that minibus taxi drivers swerved to avoid.

As thousands of Muslims struggled to find a way to reach the northern part of the country or huddled for protection at police stations, Christian residents in this southeastern city expressed little remorse for their role in five days of religious violence sparked by anger over the publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

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