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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mosque Desecrated in West Bank

With the rage expressed by Moslems about cartoons lampooning Islam and the prophet Mohammad, you could expect many people to exhibit some restraint in this area, especially in the mideast. Unfortunately, Jewish extremists do not see it this way and instead seem bent on instigating further anger and rage from individual Moslems. They have desecrated a mosque in the West Bank, something that has gone unreported in western media.

Again, the western media show a double standard when it comes to depicting Islam and Moslems and Israel and Zionists. Any time a synagogue in the US is desecrated in a similar way as the mosque, every new outlet in the US carries the story. Yet, here there is neither a report about the incident nor any condemnation from pundits and news analysts. ...

According to thestar online:

"During the night, a group of settlers came to a mosque in the village of Nabi Ilyas and spray painted the graffiti," the military source said.

Soldiers later removed the graffiti from the walls of the mosque. A spokesman for the Israeli police in the West Bank said an investigation was underway.

Palestinian villagers said the slogan, written in red letters in Hebrew, denigrated the Prophet Mohammad and that a Star of David was also daubed on the Muslim holy place.
The report goes on to say that the incident is under investigation by the Israeli authorities. I hope that this investigation is successful and is not merely a simply formality.

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