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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If You Get Plague, Don't Call Us, Israel Tells Hamas

In what might seem to be a position that miltates against their own self-interest, the Israeli government has warned Hamas that it will stop cooperating with Palestinians over anti-Bird Flu measures when Hamas comes to power. Over 600 dead birds cases of dead birds have been found in Gaza. Presently, Israel is working with the Palestinian Authority to determine whether these birds died from the fearful Avian Bird Flu. However, once Hamas takes the reins of government, Israel has said they will not coninue to perform this humanitarian function. ...

According to the Jerusalem Post:

"It is in Israel's interest to ensure that agricultural standards in Gaza are maintained," Uri Madar, head of the agricultural division at the Erez District Coordinating Office told The Jerusalem Post, as he prepared to transport the samples and dead fowl to Israel's veterinary service laboratories in Beit Dagan.

Security officials warned that once Hamas establishes the new Palestinian government, the possibility of maintaining such close coordination and contacts with Palestinians on such issues are doubtful. "If Israel's policy is to refrain from speaking with Hamas, then once the new Palestinian government is instated and new ministers take their posts, all contacts will be stopped," a security official said. [my emphasis]

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