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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Hamas Wants Your Countries": Netanyahu

Binyamin Netanyahu must be cracking under election pressure. Or perhaps he's finally blissed out on his own brand of apocalypticism. Several months ago, he addressed the evangelicals, pushing them to support Israel and its draconian rule of Palestinians. Now, he's telling everyone who'll listen that the "worldwide Islamic" conspiracy is out to take over the world. Perhaps he's been reading the anti-Islamic version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. ...

According to the Jereulsalem Post:

"Hamas is not a local organization," Netanyahu said. "It's part of a worldwide Islamic movement that is trying to liberate the State of Israel and fight a mad, historic battle with the West. Because of this, the assumption that Hamas is a leopard that can change its spots is false. Power did not domesticate the Taliban or the ayatollahs in Iran, and it won't domesticate Hamas."

Netanyahu pointed at the crowd of journalists from around the world and said, "They are not really after us. They are after you. For them, Israel is the little Satan, America is the big Satan and Europe is the middle Satan." Comparing Hamas to Iran, he said that Israel must prevent a second Iran from emerging in the West Bank, one that could threaten Jordan and create a huge Islamist kingdom that could stretch from Iraq to the suburbs of Tel Aviv.
Fortunately, the rather skeptical tone taken in this news report shows how much "Bibi" Netanyahu's views are seen as a version of Jewish extremism.

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