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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brazil on Verge of Producing Enriched Uranium

Perhaps Bush et al. will begin to threaten to invade Brazil, as it has Iran. Does this mean we get to choose what is more a threat, Islamofascism or communnism? Of course, the Chinese are our friends now, but they at least are anti-democratic, whereas the S. American versions are pro-democracy. As we have learned, Bush is not so much interested in democracy as he is in revenues and global hegemony. ...

Mercury Press reports:

While the world community scrutinizes Iran's nuclear plans, Latin America's biggest country is weeks away from taking a controversial step and firing up the region's first major uranium enrichment plant.

That move will make Brazil the ninth country to produce large amounts of enriched uranium, which can be used to generate nuclear energy and, when highly enriched, to make nuclear weapons.

Brazilians, who have long nurtured hopes of becoming a world superpower, are reacting with pride to the new facility in Resende, about 70 miles from Rio de Janeiro.

Other countries enriching uranium on an industrial scale are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, China and Japan.


Jay said...

Unlike the Jihadist regime ruling Iran, the current government of Brazil doesn't have a history of sponsoring terrorism and extremist groups, nor is it known for assassinating exiled dissidents.
In fact, despite being headed by Leftists, this government is still a democracy.

I also don't recall hearing anything about the Brazilian government threatening Israel, or any other ally of the US.

The regime ruling Iran has proven itself time and again to be a threat.

So no, this Brazilian thing isn't the same.

the cynic librarian said...

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