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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Assassinations in America Mulled by Bush Admin.

Firedoglake blogs about a little-noticed piece in the news that quotes a Bush admin official who says the US should be able to assassinate people suspected of being terrorists on US soil. Following the logic set out by the Israelis, such talk is inherently ominous. While Firedog engages in some slippery slope speculation, the current environment of fear-mongering that this admin has created perhaps justifies such worries and imaginary spectres. ...

Firedog writes:

Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said on today's Face the Nation that "[w]hen you authorize our military to use force, they can kill the enemy without a Miranda warning." (C&L will have video up of this later on today and I will link when they do so.) Well, that may be true on the battlefield -- but what about on the streets of the United States?

When we throw out due process of law, can we continue to call ourselves a beacon of liberty and democracy? Or are we just another two-bit dictatorship? Should we re-animate Stalin now, or what?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just wish we had clear thinkers like you back during the War Between the States. The federals had no right to attack Confederate Peace Troops.