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Monday, January 23, 2006

War on Terror Hype... Think China

Giving credence to the idea that the war on terror is just hype, Defense Tech reviews an upcoming Pentagon document that appears to focus on a future confrontation with China. In consequence, Defense Dept. appropriations give the terrorist threat a back-seat to large weapons systems that can take on the Chinese behemoth. ...

But see the Defense Tech posting for the full backstory about the infighting surrounding these decisions. Defense Tech concludes from its preliminary review of this document:

Terrorist-type threats will get some new attention. But the Defense Department isn't about to optimize for that threat, the way it did for the Soviet Union. Big money will continue to be spent on fighter jets designed to duel with the Soviets and destroyers designed for large-scale ground assaults. Grunts on the ground won't get much more than they do now. The war on terror may be "long." But, apparently, it's not important enough to make really big shifts.

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