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Monday, January 30, 2006

Truth is Fear; Fear is Truth

See Steve Clemons' write-up on the group that has published this full-page ad in the NYTimes this morning.

Clemons writes:

America as a nation -- depicted in a bull's eye target -- is a way to enhance fear and certainly does draw people together -- shivering and paranoid clustered together.

But in my view, this type of campaign perpetuates the false notion that if we check every container that comes into America, hassle every tourist, and convince people that leak-proof ballistic missile defenses are possible that they will be SAFE.

But it's a false campaign, designed not to promote trust -- but rather to keep the beneficiaries of a high-fear world in place.

Much of the world is at odds with America not because of who we are but because of policies that are blind to both their aspirations and their grievances.

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