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Monday, January 02, 2006

Soldiers' Support for Bush Iraq War Erodes to 54 Percent

As I wrote in the Fall of last year and in my links to articles under the category of "Rumblings in the Ranks," the breaking point of Bush's Iraq War debacle will not come from the domestic crowd but from those in the military.

In support of the suggestion in those earlier posts, there is this recent survey of the military that shows that support for the Bush war plan has dropped to "just 54 percent from 63 percent a year ago."

Maybe that's who the NSA is spying on. It might also explain the real reason why the Pentagon is shutting down soldiers' blogs, despite the rather tendentious explanations given so far...

In a related story, Rep. John Murtha responded to a TV interviewer's question:

Murtha did not respond directly when asked whether a lack of combat experience might have affected the decision-making of Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and their former top deputies.

"Let me tell you, war is a nasty business. It sears the soul," he said, choking up. "And it made a difference. The shadow of those killings stay with you the rest of your life."
Indeed, as I am fond of quoting: "dulce bellum inexpertis." Which means "war is sweet to those who've never been there."

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