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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Man Who Wrote Book Critical of Bush Put on Terrorist "No-Fly" List

The man who wrote a book about Karl Rove and George Bush called Bush's Brain discovered he was on the terrorist no-fly list when he showed up to take a trip via plane.

What type of terrorism is he guilty of? Terrorizing George Bush's conscience, no doubt. ...

According to author James Moore:

"I'm sorry, sir," she said. "There seems to be a problem. You've been placed on the No Fly Watch List."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm afraid there isn't much more that I can tell you," she explained. "It's just the list that's maintained by TSA to check for people who might have terrorist connections."

"You're serious?"

"I'm afraid so, sir. Here's an 800 number in Washington. You need to call them before I can clear you for the flight."

Exasperated, I dialed the number from my cell, determined to clear up what I was sure was a clerical error. The woman who answered offered me no more information than the ticket agent.

"Mam, I'd like to know how I got on the No Fly Watch List."

"I'm not really authorized to tell you that, sir," she explained after taking down my social security and Texas driver's license numbers.

"What can you tell me?"

"All I can tell you is that there is something in your background that in some way is similar to someone they are looking for."

"Well, let me get this straight then," I said. "Our government is looking for a guy who may have a mundane Anglo name, who pays tens of thousands of dollars every year in taxes, has never been arrested or even late on a credit card payment, is more uninteresting than a Tupperware party, and cries after the first two notes of the national anthem? We need to find this guy. He sounds dangerous to me."
And you just thought that the Bushites were after terrorists... It seems their defin iction of terrorist includes anyone who has a mind or thoughts different from the ones they want you to think.

My word of advice: Watch out what you say, the NSA could be listening.

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