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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Living at The Edge of Chaos

Karen Kwitakowski, retired Air Force colonel and former Pentagon resident suggest that

[T]he real truth [about Iraq] is uglier than simple civil war. The destruction of a sovereign Iraq was the primary objective of this war - and that mission has in fact been accomplished.

What possible motivation is there for the US to have chaos in the mideast? The most immediate answers include the following:
  • economic: chaos provides space for taking over an area and maintaining troops there in the "interests" of those suffering the violence; in the chaos the resources and business infrastructure can be organized and created,
  • high anxiety at home: with unrest in a part of the world that supplies needed resources like oil, the presence of chaos keeps the home population under control, as well as potential enemies on alert
  • terror: chaos provides the means of asserting US dominance over those forces that threaten a supposed order that is touted in the form of western democracy and "freedom."