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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Good Means Taking It to the Bank

While libertarians and liberals bemoan the President's program to spy on US citizens, I wonder how many of them will now divest themselves of Microsoft and Google stocks because these companies caved in to Chinese demands to delete sites and block certain kinds of web searches? ...

If you ever wondered how the US would look after a corporate takeover, I guess Google and Microsoft's actions show what to expect. Indeed, I wonder whether Pres. Bush wasn't in phone contact with Bill Gates when the Bush decided it was a good idea to spy on Americans. In fact, Microsoft was one of the first companies to turn over the search records made by Americans at its search engine, along with Yahoo, to the government. At least Google has resisted those requests so far.

I should have posted this as an update to my earlier posting on the Indiana legislature's plan to form a security agency within the state to look for "suspicious" people.

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