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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Would Jesus Torture?

Everyone wants to know what jesus would do. This is a question that gets so garbled by compromise with the ways of life and cultural prejudices that most of the answers that come back are tainted by these same biases.

How do you get to a point from which you actually could even begin to understand what it is that living a life like Christ wanted us to live becomes a live possibility if not full actuality?

Given Jesus Christ's divinity, people take the easy way out and say that we can never live up to that example. This is, of course, true. But it's true in a way that does not invite the simple resignation to that fact. The injunction is still there: follow Jesus' example and don't use his divinity as an excuse for not trying.

Okay, so would Jesus torture someone--even in what's called the "ticking bomb" scenario? Inquiring Christians want to know. Well, the Right Reason blog posed that question to some of its most eminent conservative Christian commentators--people like Richard John Neuman, for example.

After reading these responses, do you think you now know whether Jesus would torture or not?

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jollybeggar said...

"follow Jesus' example and don't use his divinity as an excuse for not trying."