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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wolf[owitz] in Sheep's Clothing

Former undersecretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz is now at the World Bank, working no doubt for world peace--or should that be "whirled peas"? In a recent speech he gave at the National Press Club, he was asked about all that faulty intelligence on Iraq's WMD, and especially his own claims that taking Iraq would be a cakewalk.

Obviously, with no WMDs found, the hype spread by him and the admin exposed as complete deciet and lies, the man was put on the spot. And he knew it. You'd think he'd at least try to salvage some of his integrity by 1) owning up to the failure (no way in hell) or 2) make some lame excuse about "staying the course, etc. etc.".

No way. Remember this is a dyed-in-the-wool neoconservative, known for their gleeful and orgasmic acceptance of Machiavellian politics. So the WolfMan, disingenuosuly and rather gleefully no doubt--thinking how witty he will be to get out of this strait with his hide intact--dodges the bullet.

Here's the setting and the dodge:

Only when questioners pressed him about Iraq would Wolfowitz address the subject. "How do you account for the intelligence failures regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?" he was asked.

"Well," he said after a long pause, "I don't have to."
How's that for honesty and openness? I wonder what his supposed mentor Socrates would have thought of such caginess.

After the obligatory mug presentation by the Club, someone in the audience--this is the Club of reporters, who used to be known to stand up to abuse of power and dictators (at least before this war)--really put the daggers out:
Dunham took the precaution of presenting Wolfowitz with the customary press club mug and certificate "before we ask the final question," and for good reason: It tied the Nuremburg war trials to Wolfowitz and the Iraq war.

Wolfowitz was unbowed. "I still think that what has been done for the United States and the world is something important," he said. Praising the sacrifices of U.S. and allied troops, he added that Iraq will become a place of "tolerance and freedom" in the Muslim world. "I think the whole world, frankly, should be enormously grateful."
Now how's that for a red herring. Don't talk about the issue but change the subject and talk about world peace, or should that be "whirled peas"?

The WolfMan had had enough confrontation for the day. Realizing that he'd have to face protesters at the front of the building, he slinked away out a back door. Kind of odd, it seems like the WolfMan had been scared away by the sheep.

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