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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Peace Worker Hostages Sought US Abuse Data

The peace activists recently abducted by a previously unknown group of terrorists in Iraq were investigating reports of abuses by US troops against Iraqi civilians. Their work caused some conservative meatheads to stick out their tongues and cravenly declare that getting abducted served the acitvists' right.

Fathead pill popper Rush Limabaugh said,

"Well, here's why I like it. I like any time a bunch of leftist feel-good hand-wringers are shown reality."

Even granting the speculation that Limbaugh might still be undergoing withdrawal symtoms from his prescription pill addiction, such statements show how petty some of the pro-war proponents can get.

Compare this to the comments of Mohammed Mahdi Akef, president of the world’s oldest Islamic movement, the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Akef, the peace activists are being held against the principles of the Koran. On the Arabic satellite channel, al-Jazeera, Mr Akef said:
“Islam rejects the kidnapping of innocent people regardless of their aim, beliefs and opinion. All laws locally and internationally consider kidnapping a crime, particularly when it targets innocent peace activists who are known for their activity and solidarity for the Iraqi cause.”
Like few on the right, whose leaders talk war and collateral damage without getting a spot of blood on their $2,000 suits--and who themselves and hide their relatives when the military recruiter comes calling--these men and women knew about the dangers they faced.

True to their message of peace, they mde the following statement before they left for Iraq:
“We reject the use of violent force to save our lives in the event we are kidnapped, held hostage or caught in the middle of a violent conflict situation. We also reject violence to punish anyone who has harmed us.”
Now, if only the American public could find leaders who'd actually risk their own lives for what they believe and not the lives of others and their loved ones.

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