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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The New Iraq: Looks Like Iran Wins Big

According to RJ Esko, the Iranians look to win big in Iraq. With all the furor and outcry about creating a bulwark against Islamic fundamentalism in the mideast and the Bush admin's assertions that democracy would stabilize the region, last week's election looks like it will strengthen the hand of Iran.

Eskow compares the goals and the actual outcomes of the election...

In a piece that puts to shame the neoconservative vision for the mideast that's been sold to the public hook line and sinker, Eskow notes:

Thee mission of "exporting democracy" to Iraq had four key goals:

1. To create a US-friendly nation in the region
2. To build a working model of democracy as the neocons conceived it for the Middle East
3. To provide
Israel with an ally in the Arab world (which Chalabi had promised to deliver)
4. To isolate
Iran from the Arab world

What have we gotten instead, for the massive loss of American and Iraqi life and the hundreds of billions of dollars spent so far?

1. A country where 82% of the population "strongly opposes" our presence and 45% support armed attacks against US troops
2. A highly conservative, religiously-based electorate that's a far cry from the neocon vision of liberal democracy
3. A country that appears to be drawing closer and closer to Israel's enemies
4. A new ally and sister country to Iran, with similar religious and political beliefs
How's that for nation building? More importantly, how's that for making peace in the region. But did you really think that being peacemakers was the real objective of this administration?

Contrary to the pessimistic views of Iran promoted by the west, I think that this provides an opportunity that could in the end work out for the best. There are very liberal elements within Iranian society and if they can be nurtured and supported they have a chance of overturning the more fanatical members of the Iranian government, including the obviously demented President. Even members of the Iranian government have expressed frowing opposition to his confrontational statements against the west.

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