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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Iraq: Get Out Sooner Rather Than Later

Recent poll shows that 40 percent of Americans want US out of Iraq "immediately." In other words, they are telling Bush and the RepoDemo junta to "read our lips." What about "immediate" do they not understand? How come Demos continue to mealy-mouth the issue, while the Reps brazenly and cowardly raise their voices to heaven for "staying the course," because to "leave now would betray the memories of our dead soldiers."

Seems like they should've thought of that before they played on the fears and anxieties of Americans after 911 and brashly rushed off to foreign wars without a plan either to keep the peace or to get out. Not to mention the lies and deceit and manipulation of fabricated facts by which they bamboozled the public.

If you haven't seen Murtha's response to Bush's speech today, be sure to take a gander. Here's what he had to say to a reporter who asked him about Sen. (I'll vote for Israel and anything to keep them in power) Lierberman's comment that his (Murtha's) plan was undermining Pres. Bush's credibility.

“Undermining his credibility? What has he said that would give him credibility?”
That's a keeper; the kind of straight shooting, cut through the bullshit talk that makes Bush's homey Texas twang come across like the spit from a two-bit car salesman. It's a gem and shows why this man who probably doesn't want to be President should be President.

If you have a fast connection, watch Murtha's news conference responding to Pres. Bush's speech today.

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