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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Carter Says US in Iraq for Next 20-50 Years or More

Former Pres. Carter has made the most responsible and understandable remarks on Iraq than anyone in or out of office, besdies John Murtha. Carter's comments put into persepctive exactly how radical Murtha's proposal is--radical but the most practical and just thing to do. By "radical" here I'm not talking about a political bent but about effectiveness, cutting to the root of the problem.

Why is it that some people can speak out of their mouth like Carter and Murtha while others--such as Kerry Hillary and Bush et al--speak from their asses? Oh, sorry, I am bringing down the level of the discussion. Must be the smell in the air emanating from the East coast, right around the Chesapeake Bay.

Anyway, enough of this cattishness. Here's what a local news channel reports on Carter's visit to West Point:

He [Carter] said he believes America will have a major military presence in Iraq for decades to come. Carter's comments come a week after President Bush told midshipmen at the U-S Naval Academy to expect troop withdrawals sometime in 2006.
Finally, some truth. Now, why can't the White House just come out and say this? Duhhhh... it is obvious that they know that the public will not buy it. Therefore, they dodge and duck and twist the truth. Anything but to tell us what's really up.

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