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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bush Speeches Broke Military Law

According to a reporter at Fox News, Pres. Bush's recent speeches at military installations and academies broke military restrictions on soldiers attending political events.

Okay, you say, this is just some muckraking reporter trying to make a name for himself. But according to the report, it's generals themselves who are protesting Bush's tactics of using troops as props in his propaganda charade.

"The attacks against critics at military settings may have put troops in the awkward position of undermining their own regulations. A Department of Defense directive doesn't allow service members in uniform to attend 'partisan political events.' . . .

"Several members of the military told FOX News that Bush is inviting the troops to take sides in a partisan debate in his speeches.

" 'This is a very bad sign,' said retired Marine Gen. Joseph Hoar, who led Central Command in the early 1990s and is an administration critic. 'This is the sort of thing that you find in other countries where the military and political, certain political parties are aligned.' " [Froomkin quoted @ Daily Kos]
The reporter is having a tough time getting news play for the story. I know, it's supposed to be the liberal press. But there's plenty of examples of this supposedly liberal press squashing many stories recently--so the old saw about the liberal press is a ruse.

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