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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Training Ground for Terror

With this report, we see that there are not as many terrorists in Iraq as the Bush admin. would have us believe. Ninety percent of the insurgents are home-grown, and therefore are fighting the presence of troops in the country--not fighting for Jihad.

But this does mean that bin-Laden can use Iraq to train his followers in tactics that they will them export to other countries. No doubt, this is what we saw with the bombing in Amman, Jordan.

If the US pulled out of Iraq, the Iraqi insurgents would stop fighting and begin to integrate back into society. With this integration, they could then fight the real terrorists and make them leave. Then the terrorists would have to find new places to train.

But they would also lose a rallying point to recruit new followers: the US in Iraq.
New study details Iraq insurgency

Up to 3,000 foreign insurgents may be fighting in Iraq, but they remain a small part of the overall rebellion, a US military analyst has suggested. ...

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