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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some US Left Find Fallujah Chemical Weapons Story Politcally Incorrect

It's a moral and ethical indictment against the US press that the story about the US military using white phosphorus in last year's siege of Fallujah has not earned more widespread media coverage.

You might find this recent "Talking Points" post interesting. It covers the question of why the US press has ignored the issue. Of even more interest, perhaps, are the rationalizations by "liberal" commenters to this piece about why the Left should NOT be following up on this story. Is this hypocrisy or what?

On the other hand, there are some liberals with military background who do raise some important questions. For example, the Armchair General takes recent reports to task for bad reporting and for being ill-informed about munitions. But note his consternation that the Pentagon itself has acknowledged using the weapon:

UPDATE: Well, evidently the Army IS using WP in a direct-fire mode against combatant targets. I'm somewhat surprised, the munition wasn't designed for that, and there is definitely the risk of collateral damage that they're ignoring. But it still isn't chemical warfare...
In doing so, he links to this article.

From Italy: Italian Gov't Claims Ignorance About WP
Indie Press: Fallujah: The War Crimes Keep Piling Up, by Dave Lindorff

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