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Monday, November 28, 2005

Military Ethics Teacher Commits Suicide in Iraq

There's much to this story about a respected military ethics teacher who went to Iraq, found corruption and deceit and the betrayal of military honor. His family cannot live with the idea that he committed suicide and rightfully call for an investigation into his death--especially since he was found in a contractor compound, surrounded by those he had accused of corruption.

There is, however, enough pathos and tragedy in his suicide note to warrant reflection on the entire Iraq war enterprise as a campaign in illusion and spiritual corruption of our political leaders. Beyond this, though, there is something under the surface that is ugly and dark about the soul of the American spirit that bubbles and threatens to crack open like an odious tumor.

I leave you to read Helena Cobban's well-turned musings on the letter. It is time that each of us begins to question what conditions in our way of life has brought this upon us.

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