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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The "Logic" of Torture

The following article takes on the "ticking bomb" argument often used to justify the use of torture. That is, if you knew that this guy knew where the bomb is wouldn't you do everything to get the information out of him, including tear his heart out? There are variations to the scenario, often involving your family.

This the best discussion I have seen taking on that "24 Hours" logic [I refer to the TV show that makes bucks feeding the paranoia related to terror.]

Wasn't the lie put to such "frontier justice" thinking profoundly rebutted by that great old film, the Ox-Bow Incident?
IMAGINARY IMPERATIVES ... And why it should never be one, By Larry C. Johnson

I think Dick Cheney has been watching too many Hollywood flicks that glorify torture. He needs to get out of his undisclosed location and talk to the people on the ground. ... Read More

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