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Friday, November 18, 2005

Kerry Mealy-Mouths Murtha

If there's a person who has courage these days of treason and decpetion, it has to be John Murtha, Democrat from Pennsylvania. A retired Army colonel who fought in VietNam and received bronze stars and purple hearts, Murtha courgaeously changed his position on the war in Iraq. He did so after speaking to real men and women in the field and after discussing the military situation with commanding officers.

In other words, he did some soul-searching, sought out the facts, and realized his mistake. That's how courage is shown--not in following the party line or marching in lock-step when your deluded leaders tell you to.

Now John Kerry comes out and mealy-mouths Murtha's plan to immediately leave Iraq. Sounding like the old Bostonian mandarin that he is, he talked down to Murtha and put forward a plan that he espoused in his campaign and which the voters knew was not different from the Bush plan already in play.

It's time for Democrats to stop sounding like Dr. Evil "Mini-Me"s and promote a winning strategy for the soldiers and for the country. Get the troops out now.

Update: Kerry has redeemed himself today by lashing back at Murtha's critics, especially Se. Dennis Hastert.

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