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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Iraq to Investigate Falluja "Fire-Bombing", Story Hits US Newsstands

This story will not go away, as it shouldn't. The use of "fire-bombs"--chemical weapons by any other name--is a serious offense and crime against humanity. The key point in deciding whether it was a chemical weapon is whether it was used on humans or not.

According to the Scotsman newspaper, "Professor Paul Rodgers of the University of Bradford's department of peace studies said white phosphorus probably would fall into the category of chemical weapons if it was used directly against people."

The use of this weapon by US troops is hideously ironic; after accusing Saddam Hussein of using them on his population, US troops then turn around and use them against people. This is worse than hypocritical.

The story itself has finally made it into the US mainstream press. The "Mercury News" is running an AP wire version of the story. The Ledger in Lakeland, FL has also run the AP story.

Overseas, the British BBC ran the story on their website and also ran it as their second segment on TV. Now the BBC reports that the Iraq government is investigating reports that this weapon was used at Falluja.

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An Iraqi human rights team has gone to the city of Falluja to investigate the use of white phosphorus as a weapon by US forces, a minister has told the BBC.

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