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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Democrats Grow Some Stones

The Democrats have called for a secret meeting of the full Senate to investigate if the Bush admin. manufactured information that lead to the War in Iraq. Regrettably, the Dems have grown some stones--regrettable because this should have been done before the country went to war; regrettable because innocent men, women, and children in Iraq have been killed by American soldiers; regrettable because 2,000 young men and women of our country have died for a lie.

The Democrats have invoked Senate Rule 21, which allows the minority party to call for a secret session that "require secrecy." According to, Sen. Trent "Lott said a closed session is appropriate for such overarching matters as impeachment and chemical weapons -- the two topics that last sent the senators into such sessions."
Reid takes Senate into closed session over Iraq intelligence

The Senate's Democratic leader Harry Reid (D-NV) unexpectedly pulled the Senate into secret session Tuesday afternoon in order to have closed discussion of Iraq intelligence, RAW STORY has learned. Specifically, the senator sought to discuss a Senate Select Committee on Inteligence report on the failure of Iraqi WMD intelligence. ... Read more

Also see this for background information.

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