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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dahr Jamail Remembers the Massacre of Fallujah

I am still following up on this story which, you may have noted, CNN misreported. They made numerous errors about the timing of the Defense Dept.'s acknowledgement of using the weapon, as well as the restrictions relating to its use.

Anyway, the following comes from Dahr Jamail, an unembedded reporter in Iraq. The original article includes photos he took of the carnage, as well as several links to the original articles he wrote immediately after the siege of Fallujah.
Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches -
Fallujah Revisited
November 14, 2005

Nearly a year after they occurred, a few of the war crimes committed in Fallujah by members of the US military have gained the attention of some major media outlets (excluding, of course, any of the corporate media outlets in the US).

Back on November 26, 2004, in a story I wrote for the Inter Press Service titled 'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah, refugees from that city described, in detail, various odd weapons used in Fallujah. In addition, they provided detailed descriptions such as “pieces of these bombs exploded into large fires that burnt the skin even when water was thrown on the burns.” ... Read more

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