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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Who Cares About PlameGate? The CIA

There's this very extensively researched article at wikipedia. No doubt, much of the information here does not make its way into the MSM because it's [b]protected[/b] by national secuirty laws, etc. The question is, will the real story ever be told, even if there's a trial?

The article does go some way towards understanding why the CIA insiders were so outraged by Plame's outing--it put the fear of God into them, no doubt one of Cheney's main objectives, ie, "you go against us and we'll get you where you live."

The information in the article is so particular, however, I wonder whether the wikipedia poster is not a CIA employee, with some very serious contacts inside the "company." In terms of the fallout from the outing of Plame, this article provides a circumstantial speculation by an NSA employee:

"Wayne Madsen, a reporter and former NSA employee, has claimed, "CIA sources report that at least one anonymous star placed on the CIA's Wall of Honor at its Langley, Virginia headquarters is a clandestine agent who was executed in a hostile foreign nation as a direct result of the White House leak." -- (my emphasis)

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