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Friday, October 07, 2005

Was Rove ordered to Testify or did He Volunteer?

Karl Rove, Bush campaign advisor and architect of many Bush policies, will testify to a grand jury investigating his role in the Valerie Plame "CIA outing" case. This will be Rove's fourth time testifying before the grand jury, but this time he has not been assured that he will not be indicted following his testimony.

It's getting confusing to figure out who did what to whom in this case. Did Rove volunteer to testify before the "Plamegate" grand jury or did federal prosecutor Fitzgerald "order" him to appear?

The following article in the NY Times suggests that Rove was ordered to appear. This contradcits previous reports that Rove asked to be heard by the grand jury. In the meantime, the article also suggests that Fitzgerald is considering issuing some type of indictment for illegal activities. These might or might not include Rove; they might also include White House aide "Scooter" Libby.
Prosecutor in Leak Inquiry Orders Rove to Return Again
Published: October 7, 2005

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 - The special prosecutor in the C.I.A. leak case has summoned Karl Rove, the senior White House adviser, to return next week to testify to a federal grand jury in a step that could mean charges will be filed in the case, lawyers in the case said Thursday.

The prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, has held discussions in recent days with lawyers for several administration officials suggesting that he is considering whether to charge them with a crime over the disclosure of an intelligence operative's identity in a 2003 newspaper column.

Mr. Fitzgerald is said by some of the lawyers to have indicated that he has not made up his mind about whether to accuse anyone of wrongdoing and will use the remaining days before the grand jury's term expires on Oct. 28 to decide.

Mr. Rove has appeared before the grand jury on three previous occasions.

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