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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Terror Fashion

There are some advertisements that promote a "look" that mimics the outfits worn by those terrorists who carry out decapitations. This provides at least anecdotal evidence for some of the spiritual desolation of capitalist culture.

Hating an economic system is one of those things that requires some explanation. I think that capitalism has created an historical situation in which forms of life have arisen that are inherently unjust and degrading to each individual's spiritual growth. Since capitalism reduces all human relationships to a common factor, capital, it does not enable the proper establishment of responsible and ethical bases for the way humans treat each other and the way they can relate to something higher than themselves.

This could be something like that--exploiting a "look" to make money. What makes possible the desire to either 1) exploit this situation or 2) want to conform to this "look"? Some people will put it down to simple greed, but that in and of itself implies a notion of sin/guilt. If true, then capitalism promotes sinful disregard for one's own spiritual welfare and incurs unconscious guilt feelings because of this.

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