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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What now white man?

The following is an intriguing obituary on the death of western civilization. Its take is both personal and historical. It asks questions about race, vitality, and culture that many shy away from--on the left and the right. I will have more to say later.

What now, white man?

Global competition is about to push Western culture into the abyss. An eleventh-hour obituary by Matthias Politycki

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"But even if they were to succeed in this (incidentally accomplishing the feat of turning a deeply indebted country in need of serious restructuring into a flourishing, relaunched Federal Republic), a far greater European problem would remain: the impending decline of the former "West", already explicitly doomed as "Old Europe", a culture and way of life that has been cultivated for generations. The postmodern age with its corrosive "anything goes" marks the end of the Enlightenment: sceptical free-thinking has gone so far that today, instead of serious visions, all it develops is a jaded blanket irony, a shoulder-shrugging laissez-faire, disguised by the concept of "tolerance", towards everything and everyone. The corresponding strengthening of domestic and international "margins" will bring us countless subcultures and parallel worlds, ultimately resulting in a radical compartmentalisation of society – not least on account of passive elites who have no means of countering the breakdown of the whole into the mere sum of its parts and who have also long since given up wanting to."

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