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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Separation of Lambs and Goats

There is a separation of the goats and the lambs going on here. As the neo-cons and their religious apologists continue to plunder and destroy the American dream--Is that bright city on a hill we see burning now in New Orleans?--the ugly reality of what Americans call home has been exposed to the light of the day.

I imagine there'll be those who are concerned about what the rest of the world thinks. But that is simply a dodge to turn one's own consciousness of responsibility for this debacle. What is important is how we as Americans stand by and accuse the poor for being stupid and fat and deserving of the suffering inflicted on them. How does the statement go? As you treat the least of these, so you treat me?
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Government reflects the priorities of its people. Fine, if you think the government shouldn't help these people, cut back on the funding; then don't talk so self-righteously about the fact that this is people's fault--it's the fault of a govt. who feels that world domination is more important than helping its own people.

On the other hand, if the govt. doesn't want to reflect the ethic of being one's brother's keeper, then stop mouthing Xtian platitudes. Stop running on platforms that supposedly are Xtian-based. Give it up--it's all a lie and hypocrisy of a spiritually and morally bankrupt party that uses Xtianity as a facade to hide the continued rape and pillaging of the American experiment.


Anonymous said...

It is true the amount of money is being spent in Iraq war could have helped the problem in New Orleans. The military sent back 100 of national guard back to N.O. to what use the extend of damages are more than any one can handle. I can not understand how the government can not ignore the problem in N.O. you would think that all the money that goes to FEMA would be used to help us in a disaster. More and more we beginning to learn that American citizens are on their own.

the cynic librarian said...

Yes, all are on their own... yet, it is easier to be on one's own if one at least has something, than when you have nothing, like many of the poor in NO.